Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Heavy, Wonderful Day

We are tired.  Exhausted may be better.  We spent the day walking, uphill, downhill, in multiple tunnels. But we can tell you the story of Jerusalem much better after today.  We started our day at the Western Wall plaza, praying at the wall and the men visiting the synagogue at the wall. We also got to observe a number of Bar Mitzva processions as they happened.   If you want to see the wall online at any time, visit:

We then walled down to the City of David.  This was the original Jerusalem, only 12-13 acres in size.  The parking lots of Eastern Hills combined are larger.  How exciting.  We saw what are believed to be the ruins of David's palace based on some seals and inscriptions found there.  We then walked up toward the Old City using a path Jesus would have walked.  It went from the Pool of Siloam (Shiloach in Hebrew) where Jesus healed the man born blind to the corner of the Western Wall and Southern Wall.  We sat on the steps where Jesus and other pilgrims would have traversed to enter the Temple Mount for the Festivals.  Following lunch we entered the Rabbinical tunnel that travels along the Western Wall all the way to the Antonio fortress foundations.  We ended our day along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  In this massive complex historians believe were located the site of Calvary and the tomb of Jesus.  It was a physically challenging day but a good one.

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